As I walked along the shores I wondered 
 what life is all about 
its about choices................. 
and I chose life 
so I can live with purpose
and I chose love
so I can share it with others
and I chose hope
because without love there is no life
and without hope there is no happiness
for a tomorrow.




Give me my flowers while I live........

Don’t wait till I’m gone before you shower me with flowers
Don’t wait to sit down to talk to me because we are only
a heart beat away from eternity
Don’t wait to say I’m sorry, a lost moment never returns
Don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow may never come
Don’t wait to share your hopes and beliefs with others, they need to hear it now!
by Gisela


Waves of Life

I see the waves beating on the shores of my life;
it is the endless shallowness of the world we live in.
Can I find peace in this constant  roaring of the sea?
I'm looking for the calm, the tranquil, the quiet mood.
Like  the depth of the ocean , miles below the surface.
My soul is longing to be in a place like this.
with my Creator, my God, my Redeemer;
away from the chaos of the world,
may the peace that passes all understanding be attainable
in the intimate moments with Jesus, my Lord.


Two Moms

God gave me two wonderful Mothers, who are now with Him.
My Mama from  Germany and Mom from  North Carolina.
One gave Birth to me and raised me in Love and Faith in God
One gave Birth to my Soul Mate and raised him in Love and Faith in God

If you still have your Mother, spend time with her, show her your Love in actions,
give her flowers while she is still living!
Mothers are so precious and as they age, fragile,
please handle them with C A R E....................